Getting close to a completed adoption home study

At last, we have completed our third – and hopefully final – adoption home study visit.  Not that the visits were painful or difficult by any means, as our social worker was friendly and very kind. Her visits were actually enjoyable and interesting and we shared some good laughs.  We discussed everything under the sun as she took constant notes:

  • She asked about our childhoods, parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family,  and how we were disciplined;
  • She wanted to learn what is was like to grow up in our households, what our families were (and are) like, what we were into in school, and what did for fun;
  • She asked about how we met, what attracted us to each other, what our marriage is like, what we currently do for fun, what our routine is like, and asked us about the qualities we felt our partner possessed that would them a  great parent;
  • She wanted to know what we felt we have to offer a child, what traits and qualities we felt are important to instill in our child.

The list goes on and on, among the above were also the hard core basics, a resume of sorts, outlining our respective work and education histories, going over major life events, and what our plans were for our work schedules once we have a child.

She needed to come back a third time to go over some final questions, as she needed to make sure her report would reflect all of the details found in our corresponding paperwork. Plus, she needed to fill in a few minor factual holes in her typed report – like birth dates of extended family and the names of our local schools.

Now, we need to wait for her to send us a final draft to review for correctness.  Once our review is done and the updates have been made, our home study will be complete.  At that point, we will officially be eligible to adopt!

The next part of the process will be to create a photo book to show to prospective birth moms. This book will allow the birth mother and father to learn about us, our family and what the child’s life would be like with us as adoptive parents. Creating this book feels like one of the most important projects we will ever have to work on, as it will influence a birth mother’s decision to choose us, and that is big.  Hence, the procrastination over what photos to choose, what captions to write, and the big one– writing our “Dear Birth Mother” letter to place at the beginning of our book.

We have heard that Snapfish and Shutterfly have great programs that allow you to create the photo book, so, we are looking into their capabilities and the pros and cons of each site.  Ideally, our book needs to be ready when our home study has been completed – supposedly by late May. So, that’s the next big thing for us.

Are you going through the same process? I’d love to hear from you all.  Tips, thoughts, ideas and recommendations are welcome!


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