Tick, tock…

Still waiting for the final draft of our home study. All of our paperwork is in, all of our home study visits have taken place…This is me trying not to be anxious.

We are in the process of laying out the plan for our adoptive family photo book this week.  We have also begun thinking about our “Dear Birth Mother” letter.  Online research has recommended that we  not address the birth mother as “birth mother” as she could have a negative perception to being referred to as such. Has anyone found this to be a problem? Should we use a different salutation and if so, what do you recommend? should we forget the salutation, and just jump right on in there? We asked our social worker for her opinion, and she didn’t feel that this was a valid recommendation, and that “Dear Birth Mother” is absolutely fine. We’d love to hear your thoughts, any other tips would be greatly appreciated.


4 responses to “Tick, tock…

  1. I know it the process is so delicate, but what are the alternatives when addressing a potential birthmother? All I can say, is it worked for us! Good luck

  2. I know, exactly. 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement, K!

  3. Ann & Eric,
    I am a few weeks behind your timeline for networking and preparing. I found the same site suggesting avoiding “birthmom”. I decided to go with “Hello.” Who would have thought it would be this tricky? Of course, I have written and rewritten this letter so many times, stressing out over every detail (how many words are enough/ too much? what font is friendliest? does this page need another picture? etc.).
    I love your blog (actually I am jealous of what an amazing job you have done 🙂 ), and I will visit it daily. You have great information. You seem like wonderful people, and I hope you and I become parents soon. Thanks for sharing all of your information.

    • Hi Jennifer!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I know, we don’t really know these things, so we all just learn as we go. 🙂 It certainly can be tricky, and the birth mother letter sometimes causes stress for adoptive parents. In fact, I am sure what works best is simplicity, sincerity, and telling your story so that you come across on the pages. I hope your wait is short and I know that you will one day be a mom! Ann

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