The Waiting Continues

I have waited to post an update that actually shares information about the next step in our journey.  I am sorry to say that we are at a standstill, anxiously awaiting the first draft of our home study.

On another note, does anyone happen to know, once you have a completed home study, whether prospective adoptive couple can list themselves with more than one attorney/agency to widen the net?  Are there adoption attorneys out there that do not require a retainer fee? If anyone has answers to these questions, your thoughts and  advice would be greatly appreciated.


2 responses to “The Waiting Continues

  1. Our agency specified that we could not work with other agencies or attorneys so it was an easy choice for us. I think some agencies allow it and others don’t. Also relating to your other question, in the letter our agency has everyone address it “Dear Bearthparent” so that they are all the same. It is hard to address but I think for the most part everyone understands that it is not meant as an assumption.

    We adopted our wonderful baby boy in December 09. We met him just 20 minutes after he was born. The wait is hard but I promise it will be worth it!!!

    Take care,

  2. Thank you for the advice, Anna!

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