We are officially eligible to adopt!

Happy news! Our home study has been completed and approved and we are officially eligible to adopt a baby!  We are really excited, and now must focus our attention to creating our photo book so the agency can share it with prospective birth moms.

Also very important, we need to start “networking” in an attempt to locate birth moms on our own.  This is the part that feels most awkward, right now. Adoption is such a personal journey –  for adoptive parents, birth parents  and the adopted child.  To “network” with family, friends and colleagues and tell them you are hoping to adopt by saying, “Hey, if you hear of anything, please be sure to let us know” seems so strange and foreign – simply BECAUSE it is such an important and life-changing piece of information you are communicating. It’s a a birth mother and child we’re talking about here,  not a used car.

While we feel strange approaching the search for a birth mom in such an informal Web 2.0 way, we have been told by the agency that most birth parents are found by the adoptive parents through word of mouth and networking.  You, know how it is, “you’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on…”   So, that is what we need to do.

Coming from a marketing, communications and social media background, I  thought it would be a good idea to start this blog.  It’s a way we can journal the process and exchange info and ideas with other prospective adoptive parents going through the same thing. We can also share updates on our journey with friends and family, and maybe – just maybe – reach a birth mother.


2 responses to “We are officially eligible to adopt!

  1. Congratulations! I know you’ll receive the baby of your dreams. I was adopted when I was 16 days old. Let me know if you have any questions I can answer from the adoptees view.

    • Thanks Meaghan, that is so cool! We’d love to learn more about things that mean the most to an adoptee. Anything you are willing to share we would be very grateful to learn. 🙂

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