Every picture tells a story

We likely underestimated the amount of time it would take to go through all of our pictures and create a photo book for our adoption agency to show to prospective birth mothers. It appears to be quite the undertaking, on a literal level – first going through all of our digital photos on each of our computers, going through our older, non-digital photos (yes, there are such things), selecting those that seem relevent, and scanning each of them into a digital file, then, uploading those images into a digital folder on one of the photo sites (we’re using the digital site, Snapfish).

Once that is done, we need to select specifically which photos we feel are the “right” ones to share – more on the philosophy for this later – and decide how we want to lay them out and organize the album. Do we go chronologically, do we go in reverse-chron? Another approach entirely?  Still undecided on that end. Once we decide on which images we are going to use, we need to figure out how many will be on each of the pages, what form of layout will work for each page, whether we should use borders or not. The combinations are endless.  One thing we have decided on are the background patterns and colors we will use. We have chosen some that are complementary to each other, serene and pleasant, and most importantly, they won’t compete with images or text…

Yes, there’s text. Captions, a letter to the birth mothers, a closing note.  Funny enough, we aren’t too concerned about the text, as we plan on writing from the heart, which, thankfully comes easily.

As we near the end of July, we know we want to have this project done soon.

We are approaching the selection of our photos from a philosophical level – we’ve decided what it really comes down to is simply being able to tell our story in picture book form.  And it isn’t the story of our entire lives, but the story of how a new life will become part of our world, our tapestry.  In order to show this, each photo we select needs to tell our story, and shed light on the chapters to come. The photos are meant to help a birth mother/birth parents  imagine.

What will the child’s life be like in our home, as part of our family? What kind of activities and traditions will the child enjoy? Will the extended family be close-knit? Will there be lots of children around to play with and will they have pets? Ultimately, will this child be raised in a loving, secure and stable home by loving and supportive parents? Will the child be happy and well?

Our wish is to share the resounding “yes!” to these questions through our book. All in the hopes that a very special person will make a decision that is right for us all.


2 responses to “Every picture tells a story

  1. Creating our profile took FOREVER! Seriously, who knew putting together a collection of photos would be so difficult?! Just like you, I felt like this was the most important project I would ever undertake. But we finished and turned it in about two weeks ago. So happy to have all that completed! Now we are officially waiting 🙂 Sounds like you will be too!

  2. Hi Kas,

    Thanks for the note! Oh, good, at least I know it wasn’t just us! 🙂 We finished our draft and ran it by our social worker for feedback – we wanted to know if we hit the mark, and we pretty much did, we just have to cut back a bit on the number of pages, since there is a max we were unaware of. But you know how that is, now we have to decide which pictures to delete and which to keep. But, that aside, she really liked our book, so that was good news!

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