What a relief, our adoption photobook is finally done!

We are so excited that our photobook is now complete. The project took several months to complete. Most of the time was dedicated to gathering all of the photos and making sure we had them in digital form, and if not, we had to scan them. Then we needed to get them organized into categories so the flow of the book would make sense. We took the time to thoughtfully pick photos that told our story and would give the birth parents an understanding of what our lives are like, the kind of things we do, what our home is like and the kind of life we would provide for a child. While it was no easy task to narrow the choices down, it was a interesting and enlightening experience. Once we thought we were done, about 3 weeks ago, we sent the link to our agency to give us feedback before we ordered our hard copy. I think the biggest issue for me was when she said, “oh, the book shouldn’t exceed 20 pages,”. and ours was 34!

After all the time I spent putting the right pictures and adding the perfect text to all of the page,  I couldn’t even think about how I was going to cut the book down by 14 whole pages, but it was alot easier than I thought it would be, I just needed an uninterrupted 4-5 hours to focus on it and it was done! Just finished it last night and I feel so relieved. I just sent the agency the link again as a final review. Hopefully they are good with it and we can order it in the next couple of days.  In the end, we are so happy with our final 20 page  photobook and are really glad we asked for feedback!

We used Snapfish to create our book because they offer a nice selection of background designs and page layouts, and they are a reliable company. Snapfish’s tool has some drawbacks, especially when you are trying to move images around and add or delete pictures. It has a mind of it’s own and rearranges the rest of your photos on the same page, messing up the sizing and placement of the pictures that were just fine, thank you very much. And if we had text on that page, well, it would wipe it out completely. Aaaaackkk! Thankfully there is an Undo button which lets you undo several actions,  and which I used quite frequently…In the long run, as far as we can see in the preview mode, the book has turned out really great and we are really happy with it as a way to tell our story. We even ordered our own copy as a keepsake that we will share with our child one day.

There are other online photobook sites, Shutterfly and My Publisher are two that come to mind, and seems to me there are discount coupons to be had for all of the sites with a little digging, so best of luck of you are embarking on this project and creating your own, and if you’ve already created one –  well – a hearty and sincere  congratulations to you!


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