Domestic Adoption Training Sessions Begin!

This weekend, we attended our first training session that our social worker offers for prospective adoptive parents. This session focused on the legal side of the domestic adoption process:  What to expect during the process and the differences between temporary placement, formal placement, and the finalization of the order of adoption and the legal requirements that go along with each.  Our instructor  was well-informed and provided lots of really great, examples of situations she has actually gone through during the adoption process to help illustrate the reasons why  certain steps are required during the process.

We certainly feel more informed having attended the session.  It helped us make a mental and emotional transition from all of the prep requirements, home study visits  and creation of our photo book (which we happily handed to her in person before the session) to the reality of what we should be prepared for when the time comes that we are chosen by a birth mother.  It’s no longer a matter of if we can adopt, but simply when, and that was exciting and quite emotional.

One of the things we now need to do is find a pediatrician. Similar to an expectant couple doing research to choose a pediatrician for their child, we must now do the same.  So exciting! We’d love to hear thoughts and ideas about the best way to find the right pediatrician.


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