Waiting to be matched

We purchased our 1-888 number in preparation for our next step in the networking process – creating and distributing fliers and placing our classified ad.  If you are looking for a toll-free number service, we chose Kall-8. The cost isn’t bad, about $2 a month and 7 cents a minute, lots of fine print, but so far no exorbitant  hidden charges that I can find. They offer voice mail retrievable via email,which is kind of cool.  I plan on going to the library this weekend to do recommended research concerning which newspapers are best for placement of our ad.

Regarding the wait, our agency sends out a monthly update to waiting adoptive parents, and their recent update mentioned they had a couple of birth moms looking at the photo books.  Since we had recently dropped our book off,  I emailed the agency to find out if we had made it in time to have our book shown to these birth moms.  Our book was indeed shown (YAAAYYY!),  I am sure along with all the other books.  This was exciting, but so far as I know, we weren’t picked…yet.  The trick/struggle is to not become anxious every time something positive happens.  I am sure a birth mom doesn’t flip through the books and make her decision there and then. It is likely the kind of decision she will mull over and think on for a while.  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in any of the above topics.

Have you found it difficult to restrain yourself from becoming excited about positive steps forward?  Do you find yourself reigning in your happiness and optimism?  Please share!


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