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Tick, tock…

Still waiting for the final draft of our home study. All of our paperwork is in, all of our home study visits have taken place…This is me trying not to be anxious.

We are in the process of laying out the plan for our adoptive family photo book this week.  We have also begun thinking about our “Dear Birth Mother” letter.  Online research has recommended that we  not address the birth mother as “birth mother” as she could have a negative perception to being referred to as such. Has anyone found this to be a problem? Should we use a different salutation and if so, what do you recommend? should we forget the salutation, and just jump right on in there? We asked our social worker for her opinion, and she didn’t feel that this was a valid recommendation, and that “Dear Birth Mother” is absolutely fine. We’d love to hear your thoughts, any other tips would be greatly appreciated.